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Shipping Boxes


Shipping Terms & Conditions

Important:  All orders are shipped out Tuesday through Thursday to ensure packages are not in transit over the weekend.  If your package has a two day shipping time and your order is placed Thursday through Saturday your order will be shipped the following Tuesday.

Guncles Delivery and Shipping Information


  • All orders will be shipped out Tuesday through Thursday via USPS Priority Mail or Priority Mail Express.

  • If Priority Mail Express is selected, your package will ship out the following day as long as that day is Tuesday through Thursday.  If you place an order on Thursday, Friday or Saturday your order will ship out the following Tuesday.

  • Shipping rates are available on your check out page.  Options allow for one day or two to three day shipping.

  • Guncles is not responsible for products left in the elements once they are delivered.  Customers are responsible for collecting delivered packages immediately to ensure freshness of their baked goods.

  • All product can be frozen for up to three weeks upon arrival.


Shipment & Delivery Risks

  • All products are carefully packed to ensure that baked goods arrive in the best condition possible.

  • Guncles is not responsible if products shift during transit.

  • Tops and sides of products may come in contact with packaging and become damaged.

  • Guncles does not offer refunds for baked goods damaged during transit.  

  • Packages need to be accepted and unpacked immediately upon delivery.

  • Guncles is not responsible for products damaged due to being left in the heat or other elements after being delivered.

Box Delivery



Our delicious products are shipped (via USPS) nationwide through our online store. Click below to view our shipping collection of goodies.

Working from Home


Guncles goodies delivered to your door. Place your same day delivery order with one of our on demand delivery partners. Click below to order.

Uber Eats On-Demand Delivery for Guncles Gluten Free
DoorDash On-Demand Delivery for Guncles Gluten Free
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