Gachi is a specialty tea brand founded on the Gulf Coast. Whos aim is to develop a tea culture that inspires conversation, ignites curiosity and promotes balanced lifestyles. By offering an array of artisan-crafted, responsibly-sourced orthodox teas, they empower consumers to make ethical purchases while helping to overcome the social and environmental challenges of the tea industry.


Ceylon Breakfast - $14.00

Lemongrass Lift - $14.00

Oh Honey! - $19.00

White Peopny - $14.00

Sangria La - $19.00

Wild Child - $20.00

Matcha - $16.00

Autumn in Tokyo - $14.00


Gachi Artisan-Crafted Teas

  • All sales are final. We do not accept returns.
    All refunds are investigated case by case, please contact us at or 251.800.1348.

  • Shipping in not available at this time.

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